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Caring for the safety and unique appearance of mobile devices, a beautiful collection was created that impresses with aesthetics, workmanship and style.
The collection is distinguished by the 4G logo highlighted by the shimmering specks of glitter with sequins that change their arrangement under the influence of a change in the angle of inclination.
Transparent case is made of high quality durable abrasion resistant plastic. A combination of strong polycarbonate (backpacks) and flexible TPU silicone (sides) for easy installation.
In addition to unusual visual effects, the case guarantees the safety of the phone from unwanted scratches and damage.

Collection: 4G Big Logo - Liquid Glitter
Type: Hardcase
Material: TPU/PC
Color: Gold
Compatibility: iPhone 13 Pro 6.1"/13 6.1"*
Product manufactured under Guess license
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