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Unlike traditional circular earbuds, EarPods are designed based on the ear's geometry, offering greater comfort for most users. Engineered for maximum sound output, they deliver high-quality audio. The EarPods (USB-C) feature a built-in remote for adjusting volume, controlling music and video playback, and managing calls.


Designed by Apple

Deep, rich bass tones

Protection from sweat and water

Control music and video playback

Answer and end calls

What's in the Box:

EarPods with USB-C Connector

Compatibility Information

Mac models with USB-C running macOS Monterey 12.6 or later.

iPad models with USB-C running iPadOS 16.4 or later.

iPhone models with USB-C running iOS 17 or later.

Apple EarPods USB-C are a compact and lightweight pair of in-ear headphones designed for devices with USB-C ports.

Featuring high-quality audio technology, these EarPods deliver crisp and clear sound for both music and phone calls.

With a comfortable fit and easy-to-use controls, they are perfect for on-the-go use and provide a seamless audio experience with compatible Apple devices.




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